Why US Telecom Agency Seeks Blockchain Policy Suggestions?

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), a wing of the U.S. Department of Commerce, wants to help American entrepreneurs use Blockchain technologies.

The agency announced a notice of inquiry, asking respondents to recommend ideas for new policies surrounding a host of areas, including emerging technologies, cyber-security and privacy, internet governance and information free-flow.

What is the objective of NTIA?

According to the notice, the priorities will help the agency "encourage growth and innovation for the internet and internet-enabled economy." In his post, David J.Redl specified:

"We want risk-taking American entrepreneurs to have access to global markets for their digital products and services. We expect that in the coming years, our focus will increasingly be on artificial intelligence, automated workforces, Blockchain technologies and more. We want to know how we should participate in international discussions of these issues."

Redl told internet policymakers at the 2018 State of the Net conference that his agency will help the U.S. lead on emerging technologies, citing Blockchain as one area in particular where he hopes industry members will help the government "make the right choices."

“Technology is invented for admit.”