What is the Institute for Blockchain innovation?

The Institute for Blockchain Innovation (IBI), a think tank that brings together the world’s innovators in both the traditional and the Blockchain-based financial systems, along with leaders from corporate, regulatory, entrepreneurial, and governmental backgrounds.

What is the Essentials of IBI?

IBI is an open source community who believe that the impact of the Blockchain will be even greater than the internet, who is dedicated to establishing standards and best practices to enable and encourage the global community to take advantage of the full power of the Blockchain.

What is the ambition of the IBI?

Each year, the Institute will identify key initiatives to pursue. The Institute’s first initiative is the JOBS Crypto Offering (JCO): a new approach to trading digital equity securities (commonly referred to as “equity tokens”) on the Blockchain that creates a solution for the regulatory gap in ICOs while providing liquidity in a crowd funding model.

"It no longer matters who you know. All that matters is what you know."