European Tech startups making impact on real estate

A European company is developing a Blockchain-based plug and play system to enable commercial real estate tokenization that will allow anybody with an internet connection to buy fractional ownership of assets worldwide. Diverse investing platforms can integrate with Blocksquare’s system and offer tokenized assets for commercial real estate ventures.

How to Tech startups making impact on real estate?

In 2016, the global real estate market was estimated to be worth $217 trillion, of which about 25 percent, or $54 trillion, was commercial, according to UK research firm Savills.

Over the past decade, the global real estate market has gained significant momentum from tech startups, which have grown from $176 trillion in 2008 to $1,274 trillion by 2017.

Which technology uses in Proof-of-title protocol?

At the core of Blocksquare’s technology is a proof-of-title protocol based on Blockchain. The protocol links called PropToken smart contracts to an underlying real estate property, bringing, remarkably, the technology’s security and other features.

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