The cryptocurrencies are universal digital currencies, which are used primarily outside existing banking and governmental institutions and are exchanged over the world

We hear it every day – free markets, global trade, unlimited opportunities, digital trading; we are getting more and more involved in the interconnected digital world. but today there are more than 1450+ digital currencies in existence and their number is growing.

Each of us knows the story of a person, who got famous for seizing that strange, unthinkable, absolutely mad idea back then, which afterwards changed the world completely and put him on top of the world. Ideas are constantly changing; people who dare to take the risk and think outside of the box today, are the leaders of tomorrow.

Society has progressed enough to have its own instruments of social and economic interaction. Internet is one such tool. Internet provides huge platform for internet users.We are still only beginning to accept the idea of virtual connectivity.

Internet is the tool and we have to teach ourselves. We have to involve and embrace the new. No matter what the change is, the formula is always the same - the brave ones do something unthinkable today, which makes them the leaders of tomorrow.

"So why not us and why not now?"